Finally, Planners Designed with Mom in Mind.

The Only Passionate Curiosity Planner Bundle is a premium planner package for busy moms: 

  • Stay-at-Home Moms
  • Homeschooling Moms
  • Working Moms
  • Student Moms
  • Hot-Mess Moms
  • Anyone who needs a little more organization in their life without all the commitment.

This bundle contains ALL our popular digital planners, undated and bundled so you can mix and match to build the planner system that works for you!

You don't need another fancy printed planner.

Have you ever bought a fancy, beautiful planner and thought, “Finally, THIS planner is going to help me get the job done"

...Only to realize a month later that it doesn't fit your needs as a mom?

Instead of spending close to $50 dollars on a planner, you can download this pack of planners for less than ten dollars and use it year after year. It's time to stop wasting money on expensive planners that don't work.

Mom's juggle SO much. We are so busy and there are far too many things we just can't afford to forget.

Here’s the thing: Most planners aren’t designed for a mom's lifestyle. They don't include room for things like meal-planning, housekeeping, reminders, shopping lists, let alone keeping track of a household of people who can't remember where they last saw their right shoe.

Planner systems can help, but in order to be truly successful, you need to have a place to track ALL the things you need to do.

Luckily, this bundle of planners is designed for YOU, with options and flexibility.

This planner contains ALL these weekly layouts:

That's seven layouts with:

  • Five and Seven Day Options
  • Reminder and To-Do Lists
  • Meal Planning
  • Household Chore Routines
  • Shopping Lists
  • Academic and Appointment Layouts
  • And plenty of room to write down all the thing you can't forget

All SEVEN come in this one planner pack.

Super busy?

Use the day-on-a-page layout!

  • Scheduling from 6 am to 9 pm
  • Undated- use it when you need it, no waste when you don't! 
  • Meal Planning
  • To-Do list
  • Reminders
  • Section for brainstorming, notes, top 3- whatever you need it to be! 

Need to plan ahead?

Use the monthly layout!

  • Print a full year in advance to plan big picture schedules
  • Keep track of future appointments
  • Keep a monthly to-do list 

Get our flexible planner before this deal expires! 


Free Bonus - Student Planners

Buy now and get our Student Accountability Pack!  

  • 13 Pages of To-Do List Printables
  • Keep track of daily assignments
  • Track chores, daily reading time and more
  • Perfect for elementary age students

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Will you ship this planner to me?

No, because our planners are 100% digital meaning you will download the files and print them at your home. I've been buying printed planners for years, and I have learned that they just are not flexible enough for a mom's needs. This digital planner will allow you to build a system that works for you- no matter what life throws at you. 

But my printer stinks. 

We hear you. You can take the files to Staples or any other office supply store that offers printing services. They will even bind it for you if you like! We have purposefully left the price low so this can be an option for you, and you can STILL save money over ordering a printed planner. 

Or, head to your best friends house. She may have a working printer, and coffee. So, win win. 

Why should I buy digital planners when there are so many available for free?

Because there aren't free planners like this out there. Trust me, I am the QUEEN of free, and I have looked up and down for a free planner that works. This one has been designed and tested with your needs in mind as a busy mom- I am using mine to balance homeschooling, working from home, running a business, going to grad school and keeping my home somewhat liveable. This planner works. That's why you need it. 

What happens if I lose my files?

When you buy this planner, we set up an account for you on our webstore- you can access all of your files there, as many times as you need to access them. If you are anything like me, you will lose them more than once- but I've got your back on that.

Why should I buy your planners when you offer some for free?

We do offer one of the planner styles for free for subscribers- and if that works for you, great! But, you end up missing out on all of the other layouts, and on the day on one page option, which I think is a pretty big deal. You'll get a lot more flexibility with the full planner bundle. 

I like the idea of the planners, but I’d like them in a different size. Will you make special versions for me or share the working files with me?

I'm sorry, but I can't take special requests for different sizes at this time. Changing sizes changes everything- or leaves the page with tons of extra white space, and not enough balance. I created these full sized with the idea that you could print them easily two on a page and put them in a mini-binder, or use them in a full sized binder. I like to keep my planner on my desk, but some weeks, I keep the planner page folded up in my purse, or in my car. You may just find they are the perfect size if you give them a shot!